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Over the past decade, I have enjoyed Coaching many wonderful people from across the globe. All seeking to create their own fortitude as they transition through life. Over the years I've developed my Life Coaching practice, and I also work with other coaches as a Coach Supervisor and or Mentor.

Having gained a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas School of Coaching, being an Professional Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation. and I also have a Diploma in Coaching Supervision from International Centre for Coaching Supervision and a Certificate in Mentor coaching with Clare Norman Coaching Assoc Ltd. All this helps to keep me in that coaching journey mindset.

Over time my coaching has allowed me to spend more time with the people I love and care about, mostly when ill health steps in.

I also enjoy managing my properties, which started out as a happy accident. I find pleasure in creating lovely homes for families, students etc. All this feeds into my DIY enthusiasm, as 10 years ago I qualified as a plumber to ensure that I could play with water safely.

Each year I look forward to spring, as I can be outside planting and watch things grow in my vegetable patch.

My future aims are to feed the energy and create space to continue develop and grow my Coaching practice. 

Working with my clients whilst out and about in our lovely campervan called ‘Gonzo’.

I think we can all develop a growth mindset to helps us articulate and motivate ourselves to act. “Know Thyself” is my coaching motto – as the more we know ourselves, the more we enable ourselves to face our intriguing amorphous lives, build and support others “…not by putting others down but by lifting them up” Barack Obama.

So, let’s do this!

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